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Surveys and Advice

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Freshwater Invertebrates

In collaboration with Matt Owen-Farmer, Richard Osmond can offer to undertake the sampling of rivers using standardised methodology.  Samples can be identified to appropriate taxonomic levels that enables the stress factors on the river to be analysed. Advice can then be given as to how to reduce the impacts of these stressors.  Together, Matt and Richard carry out regular sampling on behalf of The Test and Itchen Association and collect initial benchmark samples for the SmartRivers programme run by Wildfish Conservation (formerly Salmon & Trout Conservation UK)

Wildlife Ponds

A quick health check of a wildlife pond can be carried out for just £45 if you are within 25 miles of our base just South of Winchester. This can provide a habitat quality score that will indicate possible management options for boosting biodiversity. There will also be a list of the animal types present to assist with your own future sampling or educational pond dipping.


Roslyne Ecological has also been involved in creating education packs and resources including the “Wave” project which linked the history and ecology of watermills in four European countries. Resources have also been provided for The Conservation Volunteers and The Hayling Billy Line project.

With more than 20 years of experience travelling with and without The Hi-Tech Wild-Trek trailer, we can offer a great many off-the-shelf resources that can be used in ecological investigations.  New resources can also be created to meet your needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Citizen Science is an ever increasing factor in providing regular monitoring of freshwater habitats. Richard is currently involved in providing training for the Riverfly Partnership’s ARMI programme and has completed the training to become a trainer for the latest Extended Riverfly scheme.

Richard teamed up with Matt Owen-Farmer nearly twenty years ago to work on riverfly monitoring and the combination of Richard’s ecology and education background and Matt’s role as Environmental Officer for a fishing club brings a broad perspective and understanding of the needs of trainees.

Besides the Riverfly Partnership schemes, Richard and Matt also train volunteers for the SmartRivers programme. They have worked with groups in Kent, London and Hertfordshire as well as the Watercress & Winterbournes Project that is empowering local people to investigate and improve the headwaters of the Rivers Test and Itchen.

We are currently developing a training day that will offer flyfishers the opportunity to learn more about the invertebrate life upon which their sport relies and how to  improve their skills in “matching the hatch” : selecting and presenting the correct pattern of fly.

Roslyne Ecological can also offer training to teachers on how to carry out successful pond dipping sessions and identifying and understanding more about what comes out of the net.

Please get in touch if you have any specific training needs.